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Film rating classifications

G : General.

PG : Parental Guidance.

PG13 : Suitable for persons aged 13 and above but parental guidance is advised for children below 13.

NC16 : Not for Children below 16 years of age.

M18 : Mature audiences aged 18 years and above only.

R21 : Restricted to audiences aged 21 years and above only.

For any enquiries whom to contact

You can send enquiries to admin@superstarcinema.com.my

How to purchase ticket online?

Visit www.superstarcinema.com.my and select movie and book tickets by paying thru debit/card card and thru netbanking or you can visit to

Boxoffice counter to purchase tickets.

Whether cancellation is allowed for booked tickets?

No cancellations and refunds will be allowed once booking is confirmed which is paid already as per Management policy.

Where can I buy membership card?

Membership card can be availed at Box Office counter which can be activated later thru online for earning loyalty points.

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